What we can’t put into words


Are you curious as to what our hotel in Tyrol looks like? Or have you already stayed with us and want to relive the memories you made here? Then you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy little glimpses into our world of well-being.

High rope course

At the biggest high rope course in Zillertal, it’s not just the tree branches that are high – adrenaline levels are too. The whole family will be challenged by the 55 stages including Flying Foxes and children’s course. Can you resist the thrill and conquer the obstacle garden?

Flying Fox

“Only flying is better”, goes the well-known saying. If you ever want to experience an indescribable feeling of freedom, the Flying Fox is for you. Travelling a distance of 200 metres at 80 metres above the ground over the Riederklamm, it’s a real thrill. Be brave! It’ll pay off!


Have you ever jumped from a waterfall? Sounds dangerous, but it isn’t when you’re accompanied by our professionals. Together with the Action Club, you’ll explore the Schwarzach Gorge in the most exciting way: by climbing down the rocks on a rope, swimming in swirling pools and wading in single file through the rushing water.

Via ferrata

Scrambling up the rocks like a mountain goat, now that would be something. Every day from June to September you also have the option to explore the Riederklamm adventure garden. Three via ferratas, of varying difficulty levels, are waiting to be explored and are perfect for preparing yourself for the bigger tours.